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If you can forgive the cliché for now. The future is very much now. It is happening, people. If you could attach a significant color to that of 21st century architectural design services today, it would have to be the color of green. Green of course, is very much associated with the creation of the so-called green living environment. It is effectively and positively responding to the ongoing sagas of global warming and climate change and the persistent yearning to reduce high pollution levels, the carbon footprint and encourage sustainable living and work environments as far as possible.

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It has already proven to be quite fortuitous for the architectural design business. Today, new business opportunities abound. There are no more sidelong glances among rival companies. In fact, for a large building contract to see the light of day, it is essential to have at least a couple of architectural design companies involved in a project of scale. Essential architectural design work is no longer a generalized business. That would have been a disservice to the property owner endeavoring with all his might to be sustainable and realize realistic carbon reduction targets.

Although it must be said that nothing is impossible. There is nothing quite like a challenge to stimulate the inspiration of the architectural design firm. The creative work goes forth with great gusto. But in order to restrain themselves and their clients with realistic expectations, closer collaborations need to be maintained with civil engineering firms and building contractors. The architects need to understand and appreciate the available building materials, just as much as their clients do.

They need to know how to work within the framework of civil engineering rules as stipulated by the town or city’s public institutions.